Dumpper 80.1 English Version (Jumpstart and Winpcap Included)

Dumpper v 80.1 English (Translated by Darkc0der12)

Dumpper is a portable and free software focused on the management of wireless networks in Windows. It also comes with several methods to display and check some security flaws discovered in both the WPS protocol, and obtaining the WPA / WPA2 key default Based on the BSSID and Essid.

Scans wireless networks and displays the default key networks known
WPS-enabled networks scans and displays the default pin in networks known
Manage wireless profiles and displays its parameters
System upgrade from the same program.

What,s New ?

              ● WPS system Modified connection with WpsWin and JumpStart
              ● WPS compatible with mac Added ComputePIN algorithm: C4: 07: 2F (Orange-XXXX)
              ● Wps: 12345670 Added default pin D-Link repeater with mac 70: 62: B8
              ● Wps: Added three default pin Vodafonexxxx networks with Mac E4: C1: 46 and D8: 61: 94
              ● Profiles: Fixed selection of different adapters to view and edit profiles
              ● Tools: Modified the channel analyzer to display the results in real time
              ● Other: Changed the appearance of some windows and buttons
              ● Other: code optimization in many functions


How to use:

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Language : English (Translated by "dark.c0der12" )


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8 MB (Dumpper 80.1 english + jumpstart  + winpcap)